Red Stripe Lager Bier 330ml

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Brewed and botteled in Jamaica, short neck bottle. Lager For the most part, beers in the Caribbean tend to be light lagers. But the undisputed king of beers in the Caribbean is Red Stripe. A fullflavored lager. Red Stripe is a cultural institiution in Jamaica, sponsoring sporting events, reggae festivals and maintianing ists status with an omnipresent advertising campaign. Red Stripe is even available in vending machines! (World food Caribbean, P. 73) And here in the fayashop. One of the fastest growing beers in the U.S., Red Stripe® beer is found in excellent shops and bars all over the country. (If you don’t see it, don’t keep it to yourself. Ask for it!) Red Stripe® and Jamaica are getting increased international exposure.

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